Bar and Restaurant

The bar

Our bartenders will be delighted to show you, all our beverages, soft drinks and cocktails, some of which were created by us, giving them a touch of Africa ... as our Iborinha now almost as famous as the Caipirinha! We oubviously always have a cold beer ready to be served at the bar after a day of activity.

The Miti Miwiri bar open to non guests from 5pm to 9pm, is the perfect place to meet someone for a good conversation. There are always interesting people staying on Ibo who often have different life stories to tell...

While conversing you might want to have a Xixa to swetten your lips to a variety of fruits flavour available.



 IboIsland Wine




The restaurant

Our cuisine offers a wide range of fish and seafood based dishes: crabs, lobsters, shrimp, squid, fish and other delicatessen from the sea, all cooked in a simple and genuine manner, according to the flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine, and a touch of traditional Mozambican cuisine exotic tastes.

Our cooks have been experimenting utilising local ingredients to substitute traditional ingredients which are normally not available in mozambique. The result is both interesting and delicious. Come and judge it by yourself!

Here are some examples of the dishes we can prepare with fresh ingredients from Ibo and its surroundings.


 IboIsland Cook1

 IboIsland cook2

 IboIsland cook3




 IboIsland cook5

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 IboIsland cook7