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To Ibo from Tanzania

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MitiMiwiri GuideFromTanzani

To Ibo from Tanzania


Since the completion of the Unity Bridge, the Tanzania - Ibo route is becoming increasingly more popular.

Miti Miwiri produced a comprehensive PDF document, which you can view on the left. This is available for online viewing as well as for download (we recommend that you download the file for ulterior reading). We also put the information on this page. Just select the tab below which applies to you and see how you can come to visit us on the the charming Ibo Island and beautiful Quirimbas Archipelago.


Crossing the Rovuma with a ferry: The road from Mtwara to the border is in reasonably good condition. There’s a vehicle ferry at Kilambo, operating at high tide. During the August to November dry months, the boat can only cross at high spring tides as it requires a minimum of 3 metres to cross. It is advised to check the tides in advance as you could get stuck for a few days.

Most of the waiting time is due to the offload, as the crossing itself only takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. 7 cars fit on the ferry. It cost approx USD 15 for the vehicle and one driver in addition there is an extra USD 0.30 to be paid per passenger.

In Mozambique, the road is unsealed, but in reasonable condition from the border to Palma, a mix of tarmac and good dirt from Palma to Moçimboa da Praia, and tarmac from there to Pemba.

Crossing the Rovuma over the Unity Bridge: The condition of the roads connecting the bridge to the main road-network of both countries are still unsealed and could therefore be difficult during the rainy season. From Masasi, Tanzania, drive down to Negomano border crossing. If you leave early in the morning from Masasi, you should be in Mueda, Mozambique in the afternoon. You should however make sure that you obtain your Visa in advance as it is not yet possible to get a visa on the Mozambican side. You will probably have to spend one night in Mueda which unfortunately does not offer much comfort at this present time.

From Mueda/Mocimboa da Praia drive down towards Macomia/Pemba. Continue until reaching the village named “29 de Outubro”, where you will see on your left hand, the back of a large sign with a red  background and white letters written “ADPP”. This sign is posted on a dirt road. There turn left on the dirt road towards Bilibiza. Once in Bilibiza continue on the same road, you will reach the village of Mahate after 30Km. There you will find another “T” junction:

Turn to the left in direction of Quissanga. Once in Quissanga still at the top of the hill find a road sign indicating Tandanhangue on the left. follow the road until you get to the bottom of the bay.


Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) to Pemba (Mozambique). However smaller airline companies can fly directly from Tanzania to the Quirimbas (coastal aviation). The flight time from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Pemba, Mozambique is 1 hour, 22 minutes.

Flights from Dar Es Salaam (J. K. Nyerere Airport) to Pemba (Pemba Airport).

 Day Departure Arrival Flight NumberAircraft
 Tuesday 16:15 16:25 TM463B737
 Thursday 16:00 16:45 TM2453J41
 Saturday 15:50 19:10 TM465B737



 * For further instruction about how to get to Ibo from Pemba, refer to the pdf file “To Ibo from Pemba”



If you are using public transport you should travel via Mtwara (Point F on the Map) where you will need to spend a night. There are plenty of places to sleep nearby the main bus station for around USD 10.
You can organize a pick up straight to the border (Ask your hotel) to leave the following day early morning. This should cost you around USD 6 per person. You will need to stop before the border crossing to stamp your passport for exit purposes. Once you reach the river, you will need to negotiate with the boat operators. This should cost around USD 8, although they will probably start at USD 40. Do not be aggressive in the negotiation as this will not
take you anywhere but be patient. The crossing takes approximately 20 minutes.

Once on the Mozambican side, you will need to walk for approximately 2km to the border custom offices where there will be pick ups waiting for passengers going towards Palma/Mocimboa da Praia (Point C & D on the Map). Make sure to check where the pick up terminates. The journey from Quionga (Point B on the Map) on the Rovuma River to Mocimboa da Praia should not cost you more than USD 13.

You will probably have to spend a night at Mocimboa da Praia. If so, we recommend spending the night at “Chez natalie” as it is by far the most welcoming and charming place in Mocimboa da Praia. If you need Meticais (Mozambican Currency) Mocimboa is the first place you will find with ATMs. You may also decide to exchange dollars on the black market. If so you will find a large number of traders. Be sure to check the official exchange
rate befor hand.

When ready to pursue your journey south, take the early (4 o’clock) daily bus to Pemba (it is called Mecula). If you get a seat it is an easy ride that should not take you more or less 6 hours to reach Pemba.

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to get to Ibo Island on the same day, talk to the bus controller and explain your plan. They will let you off at the village named “29 de Outubro”. From there you will need to make your way towards Mahate by hitch-hicking, which you will probably have to pay. Make sure that the vehicle you are taking is stopping in villages such as Bilibiza, Mahati or Quissanga (Point I on the Map) as if you can not arrive on Ibo Island on the same day, at least you will have a basic place to rest and nourish. Once in Quissanga, you are only 7 km away from the port where you can take the boat to Ibo.



*Be aware that if this is your plan, it is imperative to contact us to check the tides and to organize a boat, as you might get to the coast and find at low tide.


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To Ibo from Tanzania

(only available in English)


MitiMiwiri GuideFromTanzani