Dhow Safari

See the ephemeral Sand Bank returning to its righful owner, the sea
See the local population way of life and its involvment with the sea
See some of the strange inhabitants of the unhabited islands
See and camp on the beautiful tropical paradises in the Quirimbas
See the quietness of the sea and its inhabitants such as dolphins, tortules during the quiet rainy season
See why the Quirimbas are a run up to UNESCO site
See and live what the local medium of transport is in the Quirimbas



Are you looking for new experiences and adventures in a naturally privileged environment? Why don't you try a dhow safari on the Eastern coast of Africa?

The Quirimbas Archipelago is increasingly becoming one of the world's most attractive tourist destinations as it has been nominated to become a UNESCO Site.
On-board a magnificent, traditional wooden dhow and under the professional supervision and knowledge of a local crew, explore the pristine Quirimbas Arquipelago tropical islands as well as its rich cultural and natural heritage.

Include activities such as snorkelling, hiking (or bicycling) and sea kayaking and add to these the comfort of two nights at Miti Miwiri boutique Hotel on Ibo Island. An Island with a fascinating ancestral history and culture and you have all the ingredients for the dhow safari of a lifetime.

Imagine dhow sailing along the coast and hopping from an island to the other. Imagine kayaking up wide coastal mangrove rivers and approximate red listed bird species and untouched mangrove vegetations. Imagine snorkelling off ephemeral sandbanks into turquoise water and colourful corals. Imagine camping on white sand beaches with wild palm trees of isolated islands under the starlight of the southern hemisphere. Imagine seeing and observing the biodiversity of the Quirimbas and witness species you have never seen before....Just Imagine what the trip of a lifetime could be...

The waters surrounding Ibo Island fall within a protected marine environment which is idealistic for some rare species such as sea turtle or Humpback whales which visit the region between July and November each year. It also hosts the most friendly of all, the dolphin, which include in abundance, species such as spinner, humpback and bottle nose. Other shyer species such as zambezi sharks, black and white tip sharks, ting ray, manta ray have also been spotted in the area.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is much more than a place for holidays, it is a place for experiences and spirituality. It is a place that will raise questioning about priorities in life...

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