• Lodges in Pemba

    We understand that it can be difficult to find accommodations when you are not familiar with the area and the language. We have selected a few of the accommodations that are available in Pemba. These are places we personally experienced and where we had a pleasant stay. We are happy to share these experiences with you by recommending you the lodges.

  • Lodges in Ilha de Mozambique

    Mozambique Island and Ibo Island are often compared as they both have old Portuguese Colonial Buildings. For this reason travellers often go to these two places as they are in Northern Mozambique highlights and remains of Mozambique's History. As we are often asked if we know any places to stay on Ilha we have compliled a few addresses here. Note that some very nices places do not have a website and will not appear in the listing.

  • Lodges in the Quirimba

    The idea of your holiday might very much be spending time in the Quirimbas. If this is what you are seeking, find a short listing of lodges in the Quirimbas. Note that they are luxury lodges as any hotel outside Ibo Island are expensive due to the absence of infrastructure.

  • Travel Agencies

    If you are an independent traveller you might not like travel agencies but in places as remote and isolated as northern Mozambique, having some knowledgeable and resourceful can come handy especially for the transportation side of your holiday.