Discover November Special Offer @ Miti MIwiri!

Noviembre 13, 2013

Discover November Special Offer @ Miti MIwiri!

Ready to getaway?
Miti Miwiri is glad to offer you one free night on Ibo a Island, in the Quirimbas Archipelago. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a pristine environment, dive among colorful corals and meet new people! Come and join us in a place where time still stood…

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How Miti Miwiri happened!

Abril 2, 2013

Dear Friends,

we are happy to share with you our experience and our story…this is Miti Miwiri recipe: 2 guys, one French and one German. 1 prediction and 1 dream!


Marzo 20, 2013

Dear friends,

We hope our letter is finding you well! Miti Miwiri has confirmed an upcoming event on the 24th June 2013 and we wanted to tell you a bit more about it. 

The Ibo Day Festival has been happening for many  years now with the kind support of the Mozambique Government but also Agakhan Fundation, WWF, Kazkazini Travel Agency, Ibo Fundation and many other generous partners . Together we celebrate the São João Day, the patron saint of the island and also use this exciting occasion to promote the local culture of Ibo and our neighbouring regions.

During the event you can see arts and crafts from all around Mozambique and taste some tasty local food (which the Miti Miwiri team takes full responsibility of!), doing a special coffee tour and taste a unique Ibo coffee racemosa flavour!…and of course with a lot of traditional dancing and singing, in a perfect African style!  and last year we also hadour first Miss Ibo…

But what would be a celebration without some healthy competition?  Miti Miwiri organizes running and biking competitions and we also have the exciting Local Dhow Race- a sailing boats race, definitely a spectacular show!

Ibo Island and Mozambique have an unique culture and community of people, and once a year here on Ibo we get to celebrate this together.  We leave you with some photos from last year’s event and we hope you can join us and celebrate together even this year!



Sending you our warmest regards!

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Miti Miwiri and the school project on Matemo Island!

Marzo 12, 2013

Dear friends,

 We are happy to share with you some news on a project in which we are involved in. Miti Miwiri feels very passionate about children and giving them a chance to learn and grow in a suitable environment. So,with the great support of the employees of  Kreissparkasse Bank in Heilbronn, Germany, we are currently rebuilding a new school for the children of Mwanacombo on Matemo, our neighbour island.

The project has started a few weeks ago, aiming to finish by the end of this month. Our goal is to give to the kids of Mwanacombo the opportunity to have a real class, with blackboard, desks and chairs, instead of sitting on the sands under the hot sun! We are very excited to inform you that we are almost there…with of course the african rithm! 

The Miti Miwiri team will keep you updated so you can share the excitement with us!

Sending you lots of sunshine from Ibo islands! 



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What to do when in Ibo!

Febrero 18, 2013

What to do when in Ibo!

Dear friends,

As you know our pool is still under construction but in the mean time we thought we could share with you a few ideas on what to do when you come to visit us:

– We offer guided historical tours on Ibo and also guided walks through the mangrove forest to Quirimba island including the famous “Coconut tour” with the Family Gessner!

– Or why not try snorkeling at a Shipwreck or simply go scuba diving?

– We also suggest visiting the spectacular sandbank between Ibo and Matemo Island or trying out the Dhow Safaris & Excursions in the Archipelago.

– And for the sports lovers we can also suggest renting bikes or the sea-kayak…

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or advice, the Miti Miwiri team would love to help you and make sure you have the best time at Ibo Island!

Sunny regards from Ibo!

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Comments and reviews!

Enero 15, 2013

Dear friends, 

Our kind guests have left comments on their experiences in Miti Miwiri so if you are curious about what’s it like to be staying with us, log on to TripAdvisor and search for us!

In the meantime, here are a few extracts:

Beautiful people,  beautiful guest house, beautiful island

– Ricardo,  Milan


Great place to meet other travelers

– Matatu7777, New York City


Miti Miwiri is a very laid-back,  back-packer’s style, easy and charming type of place.  A little heaven on Ibo, where all cultures and people mix

– Bullesdebleu, Brussels


ImageWarm regards from sunny Ibo!

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The beautiful Ibo Island and the Quirimbas Archipelago

Enero 11, 2013

Our paradise location…

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Ibo Island History

Enero 11, 2013

Ibo Island is one of the oldest settlements in Mozambique, its history goes back at least to the sixteenth century. The Arab merchants had already begun around 600 D.C trading slaves, gold and ivory with local inhabitants and surrounding areas. 
In 1498 Vasco da Gama arrived for the first time in the Quirimbas and in 1522 the Portugueses attacked the islands, destroying the fortifications.
By 1590 the Portuguese had assimilated seven of the large nine islands, whereas only two still remained governed by Muslims; Ibo Island mostly traded amber, ivory and turtle shells.

Vasco da Gama chose Ibo as its main base because of freshwater reserves collected from the annual rainfall. This allowed the increase of the number of cattle, pigs and goats on the island. Several Agricultural products were exported and supplied to Mozambique Island. 
In mid-century XVII, the archipelago was governed by two main “Mzungu” (white) families – Morues and Meneses, and the island of Ibo became the commercial center of all other islands. 
At the end of the eighteenth century, the Portuguese built the fortress “Sao Joao”, which is still standing, while the city represented a port for the slave trade, driven by the French demand due to low cost labour. 
Ibo thus became the second most important outpost in the region after Mozambique Island.

The Fortress “St. Joao Batista” was completed in In 1791. The small chapel housed inside the fortress was constructed in 1795, followed by the fort ” St. Antonio” and the for St. José in the Rituto Neighborhood in 1847. These three monuments are now determining the triangle shape format to form triangle of the old town. 
Over the XVIII and XIX centuries, the inhabitants of Ibo and adjacent regions were constantly attacked by Dutch and Malagasy forces.

In 1897, Ibo, was integrated in the Niassa Company’s administration, and it was from this moment onwards that the island and the locals started enjoying a relative peace and security.

In 1902, the provincial capital of Cabo Delgado was transferred from Ibo Island to Porto Amelia, renamed after the independence to Pemba, which still is the provincial capital today. This was the beginning of the decline for Ibo as trading slowly moved to Pemba, a city that offered a deeper bay and harbor. Later, the civil war gave the final blow to Ibo and all the examples of the Portuguese Colonial architecture of the XIX and XX centuries started slowly deteriorating, while Ibo became a city ghost.

In 2002, the Quirimbas National Park was created and with it Ibo emerged from a long hibernation, finally opening its doors to tourism. It gave a new impulse to the local economy as well as the conservation, preservation and restoration of the existing legacy of its fascinating history. 
Today Island Ibo, thanks to its rich past and its imperial architecture still wonderfully preserved the uniqueness of its art jewellery, its landscape and the warm colours of its sunset; is running to become a UNESCO World Heritage.

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