MitiOffer safari 

5 days safari - 2 nights safari camping on other islands and 3 nights on Ibo.

You want to explore a bit more of the islands, we can organize a 2 nights camping safari, taking you to Rolas Island, Matemo Island and Ibo Island.
Each island offers a different experience as each individual island as a different vibe to it, reflected in the type of constructions and the attitude of people.



The Islands

Rolas island which takes its name from the birds present on the island, is only inhabited by seasonal fishermen living in basic settlements, one park ranger and the giant coconut crabs. Being a very small island it is possible to go around in the space of 1 hour. The corals are totally preserved and the white sand beach totally unspoiled.
Matemo island being the largest of the 3 islands, you will experience a Muslim / Animist society preserved from the rest of the world. It is the tropical island by definition with white sand and Palm trees. Walking through the villages will make your reflect on your values and will, more than any other island, let you assimilate what the Quirimbas island life is about.
Ibo island the most famous of the islands, is equally the most different of all. Offering a Time window opened to the past Portuguese colonial era. The architecture of the buildings are unique to the island and using your imagination as leverage you will rebuild the splendor of the old times.


The Tour Structure

This tour is normally designed based on the first night on Ibo, followed by the second night on Rolas, the third night on Matemo and finishing by the Fourth and Fifth night on Ibo again.
This tour is based on camping, camping food and Mineral water on the islands of Rolas and Matemo. All the meals are included for the first night and two last days on Ibo. Although we will try our utmost to provide you with the best comfort, you have to be an outdoor person capable to live in basic conditions for two days while jumping from one island to another.
The tour includes snorkeling gears, that you will be able to use on Rolas and on the Sand Bank (link to activities), Tent, Dhow Boat operated by locals.
Total Cost is $1000 for the 3 nights on Ibo + 2 nighs on the ilands on the basis of 2 people sharing.
What is included is recapitulated in the table below

 Night 1Night 2Night 3Night 4Night 5
Snorkeling equipmentNOYESYESNONO
Ibo Airport - Miti MiwiriYES---YES
Main Land - Miti MiwiriNO---NO


 If this offer is of interest, please quote the code “3IN2OUT” when making your reservation by clicking here.
Note that this offer is only available on pre-bookings and is not available during peak times: Month of August – from the 20th of December to 5th of January and for Easter holidays.