MitiOffer Eco 

Help us in cleaning Ibo and get 25% on rooms, food and drinks.

Ibo is now exposed to the first world technology but habits have not yet changed. Doing your part and helping us in maintaining Ibo clean will be a personal and financial reward.
Ibo has for many years been closed to the rest of the world and when opening its doors new technologies created by developed countries also found their ways in. However developed countries did not provided the means to recycle or dispose correctly from it. The island starts now suffering from cans, plastics bags and other rubbish being disposed of in a chaotic manner. The local community applying the same basic rules as disposing from a banana skin or coconut does not yet realize that nature does not take the same length of time to recycle human made products.

Being conscious of this, Miti Miwiri is coming up with incentives during quieter seasons to clean the island. Starting with collecting rubbish in inappropriate places, we will then dispose of them in adequate spots. To do so, we are happy to apply a 25% discount on accommodation, food and drinks for people willing to contribute in picking up rubbish.

Note that this offer requires a minimum stay of 5 days to ensure continuity in the planning, training and operations of the project.

 If this offer is of interest, please quote the code “50TOCLEAN” when making your reservation by clicking here.
Note that this offer is only available on pre-bookings and is not available during peak times: Month of August – from the 20th of December to 5th of January and for Easter holidays.